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Builder's Notebook
Building an Aluminum Frame Folding Kayak

January Sea Trial

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[January 27, 2006]

This is the third iteration of this boat.

It's getting there.

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A new boat, new paddle, and new gloves.

Let's roll!

seatrial_image seatrial_image

One major change I've made is with the insides. Notice the two aluminum rails. The seat and bottom pieces clip right in. Of course it is all temporary (crossframes as well) and will be replaced by the real thing if it works out. Well, it looked pretty good on paper anyways!

seatrial_image seatrial_image

The boat feels very familiar. Even though I've changed the lines quite a bit it feels similar to the way it did on the last two tests and to the wood frame skin on frame I built before.

We've had a lot of rain this winter and there is quite a current going here. Once out into the water I have to work to get the boat under control.

seatrial_image seatrial_image

No time to loll around! The bow wants to turn down stream and I have to step on the gas to get it under control. It doesn't take long to get a workout in this current.

The verdict:
I want to raise the rear deck rail near the combing just a little, and raise the ends of both deck rails in order to get a little more deck ridge.

The seat is a go. Time to build something more comfy. The floor boards need to be extended beyond that fourth cross frame.

The washboard combing makes for a relaxing ride since you can easily move the legs around. As well it sure makes it easy to get into and out of! The short of it is that it's a kayak, and just getting out for a bit feels great!

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