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[Sept 4, 2004]
Looking back on this, I could have saved a LOT of time and many brain cells by using someone elses plans - and would have had a better boat. Instead I figured it out with the use of models and scratch paper.


First, the stem and stern. These are made from 3/4" birch plywood.

finished_scarph_joints They seem to be strong enough. But jeez, it's hard to believe that this is most of what will be a boat!

[Oct 4, 2004]
The finished frame. This is my first skin-on-frame boat, and I've tried a lot of 'experiments' while designing and building the frame. Next comes the skinning.

ed kayak frame

[Oct. 14]
It's been a 4 day push to get the skin on, sewn up, and not painted. After 3 coats of oil based polyurathane, we have a boat. I'll finish the coaming and let the whole thing dry a few days.

rudder_assembly_image Then the actual pedals slide in. They hinge in the middle. Otherwise there would be too much stress on the cables and they would eventually snap.


With this design the rudder blade is easily replaced and to allow for experimentation.

It's a boat!. My first SOF kayak.

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