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Fuselage frame construction


[August 2004]
1:4 scale - This was my first model for the Orion kayak. The Orion was the first SOF kayak that I made. Although there were many plans on the internet to work from, I chose (for some reason) to re-invent the wheel and figure out how to make a kayak from scratch. I don't recommend this approach. Note the plywood crossframes instead of bent ribs. A much easier, cheaper, and faster way to build a boat.


Baidarka Model
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[March 2008]
1:4 scale - The baidarka model was taken from David Zimmerly's article Building the One-Hole Aleut Baidarka" published in the Small Boat Journal - Feb/Mar 1983 (downloadable in .pdf format). aka "LM 2-14886", it was collected by Margaret Lantis in 1934 and Mr. Zimmerly took the lines off of it while it was in the Lowie Museum in 1978.


Greenland Model
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[April 2012]
1:4 scale - For the most part the plans for this kayak was taken from Chris Cunningham's book "Building the Greenland Kayak". Kayaks similar to this were made around the same time as the baidarka pictured above. Several things interest me about these two boats. One is the differences and similarities in the two crafts that were made by two groups of people (from the west and from the east) who never had any contact with each other. Another interesting thing is how the geneology of our modern kayaks follows the Greenland kayak, even though the baidarka could be considered technically and performance-wise superior.

Sturgeon Nosed Canoe

Sturgeon Nosed Canoe Model
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[July 6, 2012]
1:4 scale - After having built the "real thing" for someone else, I decided I wanted one for my model collection. Building models is in some ways harder than building the full sized boat. I developed a some new techniques for building this craft, mainly the order in which the pieces go together and types of knots to use. Even though this boat has almost always been considered a craft of rather crude construction I find it one of the most challenging to build well.

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