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The Ragtime Phoenix - A Skin-On-Frame Canoe

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May 5, 2018
Perhaps the final resting place of the Ragtime Phoenix will be in next to my geodome greenhouse - as a bean pole(s).
Follow the birth, life and death of this experiment.


Something possessed me last year to 'just build'. I've built enough SOF boats to understand a little about their construction/design, and since I wasn't sure what I really wanted to do next I decided to try this little experiment and do a 'stream of consciousness' build.

Note: Don't EVER try this. You've been warned.

( A boat building aside: Between the ribs and chines are small "fairing blocks". They fill the gaps and make a fair chine. Someday this boat will die. Whoever takes it apart will find 40 little blocks with messages on them. Until then, they are safely hidden from the world. Here are some of them: )


The ribs are in and everything looks OK I guess...


...well then, next comes the 'Saran Wrap Test'. This should have been my first clue that I had a lemon, after all, this is the whole reason to do the Saran Wrap Test. But for what ever reasons I decided to go on with the build.



So it's back to finishing up the wood work. A beautiful combing, braces, and supporting members. Still a lot of work to do...


It's getting late in the summer / early in the fall and the skin is finally going on.


And there it is. Two coats of clear polyurethane and ready for the party. She looks pretty nice doesn't she. But looks can be deceiving, as this girl will soon reveal.



More building and paddleing pics >
version 1
version 2 >
version 3 >

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