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Building a Morris Recovery Kayak

[May 1, 2007]

Some history about this craft:

When rifles came into the hands of the Northern Alaskan indians they no longer needed a large kayak to carry the game and started making small kayaks to just go out and retrieve it. These were called "retrieval kayaks". Robert Morris started experimenting with the design and came up with this one but thought it needed a new name and so called it a "recovery kayak".

recovery_frame_image My goal:

I wanted to explore small craft (as if a kayak isn't small enough already!) and so I chose the Morris Recovery kayak to experiment with. It is 10 ft. long and has a 24" beam.

My goal here is to get the boat done! Sounds strange but as any builder can confess, it is painfully easy to putz away on a boat forEVER! The Recovery kayak should also IMHO be made "quick & dirty". Explore building techniques, learn about pegging and lashing, and leave the museum quality for a Greenland or Baidarka.

Just an opinion, take it for what it's worth.

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