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Building a Morris Recovery Kayak

[July 26, 2007]

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The Recovery Kayak

So now that I'm done, what would I change about it? Well, everything of course. But that will be for the next boat. This one I'm going to just take out and have fun with it.

The verdict:

On July 30, 2007 my friend John and I took it out on the maiden voyage and each of us paddled it quite a ways - 3 to 4 miles total. Its diminuitive size made me nervous about getting too far from shore at first but I quickly got used to it. Our other boat was a 16' folder that I also built. Although the tracking on the boats don't even compare the recovery yak had no problems keeping up and as long as one paddles it tracks just fine considering it is only 10' long and flat bottomed.

It also heels over well and rolls like a champ. The final word: it is a fun boat that can still be paddled distances.

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